My Top 5 Hand Picked Travel Destinations

Working might be very important since it provides us with the income needed to survive, but the reality is that without travelling we can’t enjoy a vacation properly. And while there are numerous travel locations all over the globe, I have hand picked some of the best ones I have visited, they will surely astonish you with their cultural appeal, vistas and things to do.

1- Costa Rica

Top 5 Travel Destinations - Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula

This is one of the most beautiful, natural locations in the whole world. While it might be a small country, don’t let that fool you, as there are a ton of things that you can do here. From visiting the beautiful beaches to hiking or tasting the local food, there’s certainly something in Costa Rica for everyone. While here you should visit the Arenal Volcano, Guanacaste, the Corcovado National Park, Jaco, the Tabacon Hot Springs and numerous other amazing locations scattered all over this wonderful country. Costa Rica is also an amazing place for relaxation, as it has large beaches and breathtaking vistas.

2- Spain

Top 5 Travel Destinations - Spain, Minorca

With a rich culture and lots of things to see, Spain definitely deserves being included in our list. While the major towns such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia definitely brings the most attractions, such as museums, zoos and so on, you can also find numerous intricate locations in the countryside as well. Wineries, ancient buildings and great local food are some of the main attractions that make Spain a must see, among many other surprises.

3- Italy

Top 5 Travel Destinations - Italy

This country has a long history, starting from the Ancient Roman Empire, and continuing with the Renaissance and so on. There are tons of things to see here, from the Colloseum in the capital to Venice, the town on water and lots of aqueducts scattered all over the country. Not only that, but Italy is also known for having some of the best cuisines in the world. This is also the place where you can take a trip with the gondola or enjoy a relaxing visit of the Italian mountains where you can find either wineries, olives and so on.

4- Cambodia

Top 5 Travel Destinations - Cambodia Koh Rong Island

This is an exotic place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Most of the attractions here are related to culture, but you can also try the local food as well as hiking trips for which the country is really famous. Some of the major attractions here are the Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, the Tonle Sap Lake as well as the Pub Street and Siem Reap Night Market, for example.

5- South Africa

Top 5 Travel Destinations - South Africa, Silverpoint Vacation Club

This is one of the best places in the world to relax, as it successfully manages to combine adventure, culinary arts and culture into a one of a kind package. The major attraction here is the Table Mountain, one of the major landmarks, but you can also visit places such as the Constantia Valley, Camps Bay, the District Six Museum, as well one of the numerous beaches that you can find here. The local food is unique and with some amazing flavors that can’t be encountered anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, these are certainly the most impressive locations in the whole world. If you are looking for some great destinations to travel, then choose one of the above and you will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful vacation, while discovering new things about the history and culture of various locations from all over the world.

Costa Rica’s Top Honeymoon Destinations

Costa Rica boasts being among the top destinations that draw crowds year round, it is also an ideal place where scores of people launch breathtaking honeymoon expeditions every year. People love it for its huge variety of multiple attractions, beautiful scenery, exotic character, and tropical climate. More so, the place is blessed with a wide range of spectacular beaches, splendid rainforest, live volcanoes, abundance class of wildlife and much more.Here is a list of some of the top honeymoon destinations found in Costa Rica that will blow your mind.

1) Arenal Volcano – Nothing could be more immersive and romantic than spending a great time with your loved one indulging in steamy hot springs, wild tropics, exotic rain forest, and exclusive luxury resorts – all housed in the shadow of a live volcano. Arenal Volcano is such a place, people love launching their honeymoon vacations here to experience its splendid waterfalls, immersing adventure activities, spectacle wildlife from Arenal Volcano National Park and more. Also worth knowing, the world’s famous 5-star Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort lounged in Arenal Volcano is among the top recipients around the world of a top resort award and boasts being among the top spectacular spots in the world.

2) Los Altos de Eros Luxury Inn and Spa – Evidently many people would find this enchanting hotel rather small but they would be dumbstruck by its wide variety of enchanting spectacle, splendid serenity, and exquisite variety of top tourist’s hotspots like, Playa Tamarindo and Avellanas that would blow their minds big. Spa de Eros, a vast open air ground is a place where you and your loved one could choose to have some ultimate relaxation. Also the couple’s spa package, packed with a three spa treatments of your choice and some seriously delicious lunch are a worthy splurge.

3) Punta Islita at Nincoya Peninsula – If you are looking forward for a heartwarming escapade, immersive spot with your lover Nincova Peninsula should be your first priority. The place is loved by many for its indulging private and isolated beaches, ultimate serenity, and lavishly furnished accommodations. More or less its neighboring hotel Punta Isilita, gives you all the splurge and intimacy you would wish to enjoy in any chosen vacation. Also the beautiful boutique hotel stacked in the hills overlook a quiet cove, and has a striking beach facility immersed with vast free-form pool, erotic gardens, classy lounge and restaurant and more – all to ensure a nice time spent together with your lover.

4) Cala Luna Boutique Hotel and Villas – Mostly considered as a mecca of world class beauty, Cala Luna’s Boutique Hotel in Tamarindo is among the most popular, highly distinguished places in Costa Rica, avalanche of people from all walks of life gather to have some exhilarating fun. Every year, a great deal of couples gather here to further cherish their love for one another and, at least, acquaint themselves with its magical splendor and alluring grandeur beauty , heavily bestowed around this boutique beach hotel. More or less couples enjoy doing yoga to stay refreshed and connect with Mother Earth, enjoy morning’s sun salutations with a guided meditation while enjoying the cool nightingale thrush emanating from the trees. They also enjoy highly personalized world class dinner, casual walks, spectacle vivid wildlife, explore tidal pools immersed with fish and crabs, indulge in heartwarming afternoon snorkel cruises and much more. Further information about Costa Rica’s top honeymoon destinations, please visit

If you are looking forward to have a mind-blowing honeymoon vacation with your lover, Costa Rica is ready to familiarize you with some of its highly exotic and stupendous, luxurious all year round vacation spots that are a worthy splurge for both you and your lover. Make sure both you and your lover have a great time and, most of all, ensure both of you have a splendid experience and a crazy adventure together.